Two days exploring Brooklyn.

(not nearly enough time)

I took a quick trip down to Brooklyn with my family over the holidays. I’ve been to New York City a few time before, but never really got a chance to explore this neighborhood.

We decided to stay in Williamsburg at the super chic McCarren Hotel. Staying outside of the main “tourist” attractions meant that we got to enjoy our time without fighting the crowds. Brooklyn was quiet enough so we didn’t feel overwhelmed, but there was still lots to do and see.

P.S. the hotel has an outdoor pool for the summer and I can already see myself going back! The lobby is straight out of my decor dreams (especially the hand shaped chair!).


Day 1: Food, food, and more food.

We spent our first day stretching out our legs by walking around Williamsburg/Greenpoint after LONG drive into the city. We checked out a couple of cafes like Bakeri and Woops, went into several home decor shops and wished we had more space in our luggage to take things back, and did a little bit of shopping. We also stopped for a classic pizza slice at Joe’s (not pictured).


An early dinner at Oxomoco finished off a great day. I would recommend making reservations because the place was jam packed at 5:30!

The food was amazing… so good, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures of most items. I tried my first fried CRICKET. I was super hesitant, but our host convinced us this is a must have dish. And gotta say, totally worth the hype and the cricket was not super bug-y. If you ever make it to Oxomoco, be sure to try the Carne Brava and the Caesar Salad too.


Day 2 consisted of the trip down to DUMBO and Brooklyn most Instagrammed spot. I was surprised by the crowds of people posing on this iconic street on Christmas Eve. We took shelter from the cold by hopping around tons of cafes, bakeries, and shops.


And of course, we had to check out the Brooklyn Bridge (and stop for lots of photos). In truth, we did not walk across the length of the bridge to Manhattan because it was a fairly cold day even with all the sunshine.


I can easily say I left a piece of my heart in this charming city. I’m itching to go back this summer and enjoy it in full swing!