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Fashionibble (adj.) - a person that enjoys the best offerings from the sartorial and culinary worlds, often simultaneously; an individual who eats copious amounts of food while dressed to the nines. 

Welcome to Fashionibble!
Fashionibble is a result of my need to share the passion I have for both fashion and food. I have been lurking in the blogging world for a few years but I was too shy (read: intimidated) to join. I decided in July of 2014 that it was about time that I shared my perspective on fashion and food. This blog will hopefully help me maintain my sanity as I complete my final year of university in Toronto. Since I am a student, I have lots of debt and the majority of my money goes towards my education. However, I want to show that it is possible to dress well without spending thousands of dollars to acquire the latest trends. Similarly, I cannot afford to go out and eat gourmet food every day of the week, so I've learned to recreate my favorite restaurant dishes at home. Making delicious meals at home requires some patience (and a sous chef), but it is a very rewarding experience. 

To be fair, I haven't always loved fashion or even food. My journey into the fashion world began in high school when I used my spare periods to mull over issues of Vogue, Glamour, and InStyle magazines. As my interest grew, I spent more time thinking of ways to incorporate new trends into my outfits without buying a million new pieces each season. I have learnt to focus on colours and silhouettes rather than specific pieces (for instance, the midi skirt is having a huge moment). My food journey began in the world of desserts and baking; during my earlier years I made it my mission to make all of my baked goods healthy and delicious. Cooking did not become relevant to me until I moved away from my parent's house and realized that eating out three times a day is expensive and unhealthy. Moving to a bigger city also helped to expand my palate because I was exposed to cuisine from around the world, and I found that most of it is pretty darn yummy. I began to experiment at home with some basic ingredients to find simple and easy recipes that I can whip up after a long day. I do not claim to be an expert in either fashion or food, but I hope to present something interesting at the very least. 

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